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Excellence in Painting... and People.

At Applied Colour, we believe in leaving all people and places better than we found them.

Our Why

Applied Colour is dedicated to partnering with clients and suppliers to create, renew and beautify interior and exterior spaces of all shapes and sizes. Our collaborative and consultative approach truly exemplifies excellence in painting... and people.

Who We Are

At Applied Colour...

...we believe in offering clients a range of services all tailored towards beautifying and protecting. From simple interior painting of doors, walls and ceilings, to more complex painting such as exterior window mullions and intricate design patterns on walls and floors, we have the right team of professionals to help our clients keep their properties looking fantastic.

Case Studies

At Applied Colour...

...we believe that maintaining a top notch safety program is a great investment and that, furthermore, our people and their safety is a fundamental corporate priority. Our COR certified safety program is also registered with 3rd party providers ComplyWorks and Contractor Check, ensuring our continued pursuit of safer ways of working.

Safety Certificates
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At Applied Colour...

...we believe in finding the right service solution for our clients, no matter what. Sometimes that means partnering with other service providers, such as our sister company Venger Electrostatic Coatings.

Venger Coatings

Recent Projects

Applied Colour believes in leaving people and places better than we found them... Here are a few examples.


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Customer Testimonials


Lonny Vanderheide, Operations Manager

"Applied Colour offers a range of services that include more than just painting. Applied has been our consultant advising on standardizing colours for the complex and simplifying our painting needs."

"Our partnership with Applied Colour is greatly valued and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve the look of their buildings." Read more

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Andrew Earle, General Manager - Edmonton

"Going above and beyond seems to be the normal attitude for everyone we have encountered, proving to us they want the best possible result for our facilities." Read more


Mark McFarlane, President

"They are professional, thorough, trustworthy and offer great value for dollars spent. Their trade is generally one of the last onto our jobsites as they provide the finishing touches and the final impression. This final look is what we as a general contractor are judged on and we have been very happy with the impression left by Applied Colour." Read more

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Applied Colour Alberta

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Mailing Address:
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Edmonton, Alberta
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Applied Colour BC

Email: michael@appliedcolour.ca

Phone: 778.584.7409

Mailing Address:
8304 Davies Road NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 4Y5

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